“Wahai Tuhan kami! Janganlah Engkau memesongkan hati kami sesudah Engkau beri petunjuk kepada kami, dan kurniakanlah kepada kami limpah rahmat dari sisiMu; sesungguhnya Engkau jualah Tuhan Yang melimpah-limpah pemberianNya. "[Ali Imran: 8]

Thursday, January 13, 2011


Salam everyone…J nice topic rite? Recently, ramai betul orang asyik berbicara tentang cinta. Banyak juga bloggers yang suka bercerita kisah cinta mereka, but I don’t mind as long as u know the limit than its okay.  Baru je sempat baca blog adik-adik that discussed bout love, peace and chemistry. How they interpreted these 3 words in our life. How they relate it with the chemistry subject we learned from our teachers. The analogy they gave is simple but it’s easy to understand. If u wish to read it, just click here.
Actually here, I just want to undergo the series of love itself. Why do people used to understand the word of love just between a man and woman? Couples. Owh…its x rite okay. We have to clear our mind. Love is sooo universal. Wut did I mean by that? As a caliph, we must love our creator. Love our prophet. Love our kitab. Love our world. Love our family. Love our friends. Love ourselves. So, with all these, don’t u feel that u r always fulfilled with love?  

Please don’t be sad if u have no one. Don’t be sad if u can’t go out for date on weekend like others. Don’t be sad if u r down all of sudden. Always cheers urself. Makes friends will make u better.  If u said that u r worry about “jodoh”, believe urself. It will come to u….Then u will say, if I don’t try to find it, then how could I find my soulmate? J Gud question, mix around and make networking, cause ur soulmate will be someone that u mix around. Bigger networking u hev, more friends u will make, more people u meet. Be an ethical person, who is professional in wut u do. Try to understand wut is the meaning by loyalty, cause it will make all relation stay longer and forever.
Last but not least, always grateful to our creator with the love around u.


Ahmad Fauzi Aryaan (A.F.A) said...

i love with ur last phrase...

tehr said...

manusia diciptakan untuk bercinta dan berkasih sayang dengan seluruh alam